At InstantPPC.Co, we believe that PPC can, and should be a profit center for your business, not a confusing bottleneck.

Too many businesses struggle when starting out with PPC campaigns, waste time and money, and give up just before they start to see real ROI. Even businesses with a few years of PPC experience under their belt often see their campaigns get so complicated that a good portion of their budget is being wasted.

Solving these problems is why we get up in the morning, and we’ve got years of in-the-trenches experience helping to grow businesses just like yours. We’d love to help you too!

“Alejandro is literally the PPC and online marketing King! He has managed and optimized PPC campaigns with hundreds of thousands of keywords super efficiently. He’s one of the few consultants out there who walks the walk, and has the skills to give you the best results humanly possible while taking your budget into consideration. He WILL help you increase your leads and your conversions. Not only does he do a great job, but also he has a great personality and is really fun to work with. He is one of my marketing “must-have’s.”

- Melissa Dawn — VP Marketing Herd Wisdom

Hail to the chiefs

Alejandro Arce
Founder – Chief PPC Consultant

During a half-decade apprenticeship with one of the original Adwords masters in the jungles of Montreal, Alejandro developed a talent for optimizing ecommerce campaigns with millions of keywords, and worked across wide variety of markets and business types.

He started InstantPPC.Co in order to provide these same, enterprise level PPC management techniques to a much broader range of small to medium businesses – and the market took notice fast.

Alejandro hails from Canada, but is frequently spotted globetrotting, from Asia to South America and everywhere in between.

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Lorena Gonzalez
Head Of Operations & Reporting

After finishing law school, Lorena found herself in a leadership role with a major player in Colombian insurance market. She quickly developed a reputation as a business operations whiz and someone who took the success and happiness of each and every client as a personal mission.

We were lucky enough to steal her and she’s proven herself absolutely invaluable. Marcela’s ability with numbers + her passion for being the best at what she does = killer results for businesses like yours. When she’s not digging into PPC campaigns and inventing new systems for improving performance you can probably find her wherever the salsa dancing is!

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