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Pay per click campaigns can be one of the fastest and most effective growth engines in your digital marketing arsenal. However, the more complex and competitive these platforms get, the more potential there is to waste valuable marketing dollars and see diminishing returns - unless you've got years of experience.

We've built & managed hundreds of PPC campaigns over the years and we've seen what works and what doesnt. We offer a range of Full-service & results based PPC management packages, so you can rest easy knowing every dollar will be expertly used to deliver the maximum possible return

Well-engineered PPC campaigns tighten your marketing spend, & increase your sweet sweet profits

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Need to find out where your campaigns are bleeding money? Want expert advice on high-level PPC strategy? We’re here to help.

Signing up for one of our thorough account audits or consulting calls is a great way to get to know our agency, and all consultation offers are satisfaction guaranteed. We’ll even credit your full payment towards a PPC management package if you decide to give one of our monthly services a try.


If you know you could be running stronger campaigns but just don’t have the time or expertise to get it done, don’t sweat it – this is why we get up in the morning.

We’ve got a range of flexible packages to meet the unique needs of your business, and we’ll keep you informed on progress every step of the way with detailed reporting & analysis.


Building strong ad campaigns from scratch can be time consuming and painful, but it’s critical to get the job done right.

Delivering ready-for-launch PPC systems is one of our specialties.

Our setups emphasize long-term quality score success, so you’ve got a strong foundation that will hold up as your campaign and your business grow.


Secondary search markets are often less competitive than the big G, and are a great way to stretch your campaign budget while deepening your market reach.

We’ll help cover all your bases, while continuously refining your keyword lists to target only the most profitable searches on each platform.


Facebook offers an unprecedented level of targeting, allowing you to engage directly with even the smallest and most obscure market niches. It’s also very cost effective – perfect for finding new and untapped opportunities.

We use highly segmented Facebook ad campaigns to get you additional sales traction beyond paid search, and gather more data to further refine your entire PPC sales engine


Retargeting enables you to patch up one of the leakiest parts of your sales funnel by recapturing warm leads and giving “almost-there” customers the final push they need to convert.

A solid retargeting system can deliver crazy ROI, and act as a force multiplier for all other PPC campaigns we put in place.

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Why choose InstantPPC.Co?

Here are a few things our long-term clients know & love about working with us:

We are PPC experts

So many “one-stop agencies” offer pay per click marketing as just a bullet point in a long list of other services – but do you really want to trust your budget to someone who claims to be an expert at everything? More...

Our agency is small (and we intend to keep it that way)

After nearly 7 years in the PPC industry, we’ve realized that running a lean, mean, and nimble operation provides real value for clients in many ways. More...

We think contracts are bullshit

Our philosophy is simple. If you’ve hired us, you deserve results. If we don’t deliver, you fire us. Period. More...

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